About Us

About Us

Who we are

Ace Therapeutics is a comprehensive biotechnology company.

Ace Therapeutics is a trusted provider of research products and services, headquartered in New York. Ace Therapeutics, with its high-quality reagents and comprehensive services, is a one-stop store dedicated to researchers' progress in all aspects of research.

Superbugs provides services in the field of drug-resistant bacteria research.

Superbugs, a subsidiary of Ace Therapeutics, is dedicated to providing services in the field of drug-resistant bacteria research. We provide solutions to researchers in the areas of basic research, development of various types of drugs, and development of innovative therapies for common superbugs.

What Makes Us Unique


We believe that the challenge of superbugs can only be met by advances in science and technology. And neither can be achieved without the drive of creativity.

Our services are based on continuous innovation in scientific knowledge and technical methods to provide you with the creative impetus to meet the superbug research challenge.

About Us
About Us


We understand that collaboration expands possibilities and capabilities. We respect each other's personalities and perspectives, and we share ideas generously. When you work with us, you get our energy and commitment, as well as a portfolio of expertise and services.


Our management team and scientists have in-depth knowledge and sound experience in the discovery and development of innovative anti-drug resistant bacterial drugs from biotechnology, academia and large pharmaceutical companies.

The professional team and services can provide the driving force and quality assurance for your research.

Let's work together!

We are committed to fighting bacterial resistance. We will create value through new therapies that are precise, effective and safe.