Phage Therapies Development Against Superbugs

In the context of today's progressive rise in antibiotic resistance, phages are increasingly being used to treat chronic bacterial infections that have become resistant to multiple antibiotics.

Ace Therapeutics, a biotechnology company focused on superbug research, discusses with you the latest advances in the therapeutic use of phages. We provide development services including phage discovery, isolation, characterization, cocktail design, engineering, and preclinical development programs for phage drug discovery.

Phages Therapy: Fighting Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria with Viruses

Phage Therapies Development Against Superbugs

Phages are viruses that host bacteria. Phages can target specific bacteria and as bacterial killers are usually safe for non-target bacteria. Single phage strains are now known to typically infect only a single bacterial strain. Compared to antibiotics that are effective against many different organisms, phages can lyse a limited but highly effective strain of bacteria.

Specifically, phages can be weaponized to fight superbug infections. Our development services are designed to build a library of effective treatments for specific types of bacteria that are further designed and optimized for therapeutic use.

Our Phage Therapy Development Services

  • Finding possible matching phages based on the target bacteria is a critical step in phage therapy development. Collecting a large number of different phages from the environment could become a library of phages for drug development. We offer phage library construction services for superbugs, including specific projects such as collecting phages, virus examination, and matching phages to bacteria.
  • Phage therapy is usually performed using a mixture of several phages (phage cocktail). This is because phage mixtures can change rapidly based on changes in the bacteria, including the development of drug resistance. We offer services for phage cocktail design and development, including the design of phage mixtures with reference to genomic sequence analysis and re-optimization of phage cocktails in response to bacterial changes.
  • The coverage and efficacy of natural phages are limited, so studies using phages to treat bacterial infections often produce suboptimal results. However, evolving phage engineering technologies allow for versatile phage customization. We can provide development services for engineered phages targeting superbugs, which are based on advanced genome editing techniques such as recombination engineering, CRISPR-Cas, or in vitro synthetic genome assembly.
  • In order to establish basic research and the use of phages, we need information on phage safety and efficacy to drive clinical trials. These preclinical studies can generate reliable preclinical data, including in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo studies related to phages. Our service is designed to effectively evaluate the activity of therapeutic phages in animals and other models of infection.

Development Capabilities

We provide scientists with the unique ability to adapt to the future emergence of antibiotic resistant superbugs, aiming to provide effective phage therapeutic development for the global emergence of multi-drug resistant bacteria. Our unique development capabilities include,

  • Precisely targeted phage libraries
  • Genomic screening
  • Highly purified phage collection
  • Phage-bacteria matching technology

We use the diversity and specificity of phages to advance the development of sustainable and accessible superbug therapies adapted to maintain effectiveness against the emergence of drug-resistant bacterial pathogens.

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All of our services are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.
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